Meet Cost

Free Money

— Where to Find It —

Research all of the FREE money options you can find. Every penny will help reduce your overall costs. Where to search:

  1. Scholarships: there are plenty scholarships available from colleges and private organizations. Do a thorough search:
    get information

  2. Grants: you may qualify for federal grant and college programs: see what is available

  3. Military Service: many of the military programs offer tuition assistance in undergraduate and graduate programs. However, tution assistance requires you to serve a length of time in the military following your graduation: link for more information

  4. Loan Forgiveness: you may have your student loans forgiven by working in under-serviced markets for certain careers; i.e., teaching: view other aid programs

  5. State Aid: some State programs offer FREE aid assistance for qualifying state residence attending an in-State school: view state education agencies for information

  6. Tips to Reduce Costs: view our 10 tips on how to keep your college costs at a minimum: get the 10-tip cost reduction

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